How to Help Pug Rescue of Northwest Arkansas

There are many ways to help Pug Rescue of Northwest Arkansas, Inc., some you may not have considered.


Fostering saves lives, that’s undeniable. Consider opening your heart and home on a temporary basis to a pug. You will feel gratification when you send that dog on to a great home. The Rescue pays all vetting and preventative care. All you add is food and love. Apply to foster a pug here:

Online Application Form Print Application Form

Please mail the printed application to PO Box 3622, Bentonville, AR 72712.

Donation Opportunities

    • Pug Rescue of Northwest Arkansas participates in the Amazon Smile Donation Program. When purchasing items at the Amazon Smile site, name the Rescue as your charity of choice and we receive .05% of the purchase price. The total amount is paid quarterly.
    • Donations of items that can be sold at our Flea Market booth or online auction are welcome. The Rescue takes any good clean items other than clothing. The items may be dog items or non-dog items in new or pre-loved condition.
    • Donations of ink cartridges from any printer are appreciated. The cartridges are recycled and the credit is used to purchase needed items. If you have any, please notify the Rescue or mail them to PO. Box 3622, Bentonville, AR 72712,
    • Donations of heart worm preventative and flea tick medications as well as dog food help offset ongoing maintenance cost for our dogs.
    • Donations of medications your dogs can’t use or are allergic to, as well as cones or other equipment are helpful. If your dog no longer needs medications that are not expired the Rescue can use them.
    • Monetary donations are welcome. Click below to donate to our PayPal. When making a donation to the Rescue, please select the “Friends and Family” option on your payment. Otherwise the Rescue pays between 5-10% to PayPal for the use of the PayPal site.
      Donate Via PayPal

Other Opportunities to Take Action

  • Please support our online auctions. Ask to join the closed group, see the items and bid away. The auction site is “Yogi Bear and Pals Pug-TAS-ti-cal Auction”. Yogi and his sister Daffodil are alumni of Pug Rescue of Northwest Arkansas, as are Dabo and Noelle, who are the current spokepugs for this auction. These auctions are Facebook based. One simple way to provide an item for auction is to donate a gift card you will never use. Gift cards often end the auctions at higher prices than their face value. They also are easy to ship to the winner.
  • There is also a Spring auction managed by “Raising Funds for Rescues” from New York. You may make donations to any auction by simply notifying the Rescue you have an item and then providing a picture for listing. Once again you will need to ask to join the group to see the items that are up for bid, but the process is simple. Once again, this is a Facebook based auction as well. These auctions are loaded with pug items, so if you are looking for unique gift for that pug person, check these auctions for bargains.
  • The Rescue has found it necessary to lease a storage building in Bentonville to hold all the necessary items that have accumulated. The current rent is $49 per month and is payable monthly. It would be immensely helpful if a sponsor could be located to help with this ongoing necessary expense. The Rescue has a contingency plan for breeder shutdowns. When a large breeder or pug hoarding situation is addressed with the Rescue, there are items in the storage building which allows the Rescue to respond quickly with necessary equipment. All of these items are in the same place which helps when a situation presents itself.
  • Pug Rescue of Northwest Arkansas also needs your unique talent. Perhaps you are an artist, a great planner, work for a vendor, are available for transports, are internet savvy or just have some extra time. If so, we can use your help.
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Pug Rescue of Northwest Arkansas is a 501(c)3 corporation. Donation letters will be provided at your request as the donations are tax deductible. The financial information of this rescue is open to public perusal upon request.