FAQ: Pug Rescue of Northwest Arkansas

Adoption FAQ’s

I’m ready to adopt. What’s the next step?

All adoptions require a completed application, reference checks, a home visit, an adoption fee and a contract that states that the dog will be returned to us if the adoption doesn’t work out for any reason. All of our adoptable dogs will be temperament evaluated, spayed or neutered, brought up to date on vaccinations and heart worm tested – unless health circumstances prohibit it.

The Pug Rescue of Northwest Arkansas loves hearing from the adoptive families about how their newest member is doing. The loyal unconditional love and companionship that a pug will bring to your home is truly priceless. There is a reason that ‘Pug People’ are so devoted to the breed!

All dogs receive the following care prior to adoption:

  • Comprehensive examination by a licensed veterinarian
  • Vaccinations (rabies-1 year, DHPP, worming)
  • Spay or Neuter- unless there is a significant health risk with the Pug.
  • Heart worm test and treatment (if necessary)
  • Micro Chip (stays registered to the Pug Rescue)
  • Treatment of illnesses, medical problems, malnourishment, etc.
  • A diet of quality dog food

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How long with the adoption process take?

This is something that is hard to estimate.  The rescue tries to get applications approved as quickly as possible.  A lot depends on the application.  To speed up the approval time, please do the following:

  1. Review your application – make sure all questions are answered.
  2. If you’ve EVER utilized a veterinarian, the rescue needs this information.  Veterinarian information is probably one of the most important questions on your application.  The rescue board values the veterinarians opinion.  Please provide the client name on the pets records.
  3. Verify information given for your references is correct.
  4. Be prepared for a home visit.

The rescue estimates a maximum wait of two weeks to ensure that your application is reviewed thoroughly before making the decision to approve/disapprove.

There are foster families servicing Pug Rescue all around Northwest Arkansas. Therefore, the timeline to place a dog in your home depends on your location and the location of the foster family.


Are adoption applications accepted outside of Northwest Arkansas?

Yes, Pug Rescue of Northwest Arkansas does allow for adoption outside Northwest Arkansas however, there are some additional requirements to adopt outside of our area:

You must pick your pug up in Northwest Arkansas. The Pug Rescue does NOT ship dogs and the rescue does not participate in commercial pet transports. A member of the rescue will meet you at the XNA airport with the pug(s) and work with you on making their trip as comfortable as possible. They cannot be placed in the cargo area of the plane. They must go in the passenger cabin.

If the adoption does not work out – the transport to return the dog to the rescue must be done in a similar manner.

If you have further questions, please contact us.

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Foster Family Answers

How do I foster a pug?

Please complete the application below. The rescue will check your references and call to speak with you about fostering. You’re not under any contract to foster a pug. Pug Rescue of Northwest Arkansas has a thorough evaluation process to make sure that your family is a good fit with one of the pugs. Some families are more able to handle certain habits and energy levels of a pug than others. The rescue tries to make the fostering experience enjoyable for you and the pug.

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I don’t have a fenced yard – can I still foster?

This is a question which needs consideration. If you are willing and have the time to take the dog out to do their business on a leash, then yes. However, you must be willing to do this several times a day. This is the commitment you have to be willing to make before choosing to foster a pug.

Who pays the pug’s medical bills?

As long as the pug is in foster care – Pug Rescue of Northwest Arkansas will take care of all medical costs. However, you must contact us prior to taking them to a vet and must approve the visit with the rescue. Pug Rescue of Northwest Arkansas keeps pug’s medical records as complete as possible. That usually requires using one vet for all of their medical needs.


What if I fall in love with the pug and want to adopt it?

If you are fostering a pug and decide they’re a perfect fit for your family, please let the Pug Rescue of Northwest Arkansas know before any commitment with the pug is made. The rescue wants to ensure everyone is happy with the pug adoption process. After adoption, all future medical bills become the adopters responsibility.


Do I have a say in who can adopt a pug I foster?

When placing a pug, the rescue often asks the foster family for their opinions. Our adoption team places a lot of importance on the foster families input. The rescue asks our foster families to report back to us once a week in the first 4 weeks they have them. After the first four weeks, the rescue asks you report back to us once a month.


What does it cost to foster a pug – do I get paid?

All fosters are volunteers. Therefore, no payment is made to the foster family. The foster family provides quality pet food and love. If you are away from home for an extended time, alternative arrangements can be made for your foster pug. Upon request a tax receipt can be provided to file with your federal taxes for the current tax year.